Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fullpacked Sunday

Yesterday was craaaazy. Been out the whole day. My family went to Ateneo early in the morning to attend mass besides them having their CFC meeting there. After eating breakfast, my sisters and I decided to go to the Grade School quadrangle to loiter and to take some pictures as well. I guess a little vanity won't hurt. It was either vanity or dying of boredom. So we chose the former :)
Here's my sister Raine doing what she loves, Reading. She's reading Twilight for the nth time. She's pretty much a bookworm. We look really alike, right? Haha :)

Here's our little sister, Raissa. She loves to pose and model, a lot. She's the kikay (vain) one out of all of us. I do have a brother but he's not really into the stuff we're in. I guess he was just too lazy to get his butt off the chair.

I wore something that is comfy and can easily be dressed down because later in the afternoon, my friends and I are going to Chinatown. Beige loose shirt was from Old Navy. The green checkered vest was from a thrift store. Denim skinny jeans from Nafnaf. Black Wedge from Alberto. And the belt was from my mom's closet. So there :)

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